How To Paint A Case Fan


Have you ever wondered how it would look like to paint a case fan? Have you ever wondered how would you be able to do so? Well this article is for all you people out there who wants to know how to do so.. It’s a simple mod that can help beginners enter the world of case modding. Or simply put, its just fun and cool to do.

First off you will need the following materials:

1. Case fan
2. Dust mask
3. An eyebrow plucker (can find it from women’s cosmetics aisle, lol)
4. A spray paint can (choose the color of your choice)
5. Old newspapers
6. A desk fan or your window to let it cool

When you have the fan in front of you, you must look for a sticker on the front of the fan to remove. Peel the label off so you can reach the next step.

When you have removed the label you will see a "washer" inside of the fan. In my case it was white colored, maybe different for you though. REMOVE THIS by using the eyebrow plucker or finding a way to get one side up so you can simply remove the whole thing.

Now you have done the “hard” part. Just remove the fan now by pulling it out of its casing and it should fall easily out.

Lay out pieces of old newspaper in a well ventilated room. This is where you will paint. I chose to paint inside a washroom with a window inside, for the fumes to dissipate outside.

Wash the fan blade with some water and soap. There should be no dust and or other substances on the bladesf. You see the middle of the fan? You should cover this up with some tape, preventing any paint from getting in the rolling mechanism.  Put on your dust mask and PAINT!  Don’t forget to shake the spray can for at least a minute. When you spray, its better to point the can approx. 30cm away from what you are going to paint. Paint from top to bottom and circulate movements each time. When you have finished painting and you feel that you have succeeded, leave it to dry near somewhere cold. REMEMBER not to spray the fan blade too much or else it may affect the fans performance. You just need a light spray filling the area you want. Not a thick chunk of paint. Just a light one.  Some recommend painting on top of primer but its up to you.

Here are some pictures of what I have accomplished: 40mm NB Fan and 80mm.

Happy Modding!