6-years and 200th Review Contest


To celebrate over 6 years of being on the Internet and reaching our 200th review, is holding a contest where you, our loyal readers, can enter in for a chance to win great prizes from various site sponsors.  This contest is open worldwide but only certain products will be shipped worldwide and others within USA and Canada. 

Contest will run from August 6, 2009 until August 29, 2009.

Entering is very easy and only requires minimal “detective” work (hint: look at the end of our URL for review numbers).  To be eligible for your chance to win a prize, you must correctly answer these simple questions and email your answer, full name and shipping address to

Once the contest has finished, I will enter the names of those individuals who have answered correctly and place their names in a Microsoft Excel document and randomize a list of contest winners.  Winners will receive an email in due time stating that they have won.  

Question 1: What is the name of our very first product review on

Question 2: What is the name of our 100th product review on

Question 3: What is the name of our 200th product review on

Prizes to be Won

  • Corsair 32GB Flash Survivor USB Flash Drive – Will be shipped worldwide
  • Thermaltake Purepower Power Express 250W – Will be shipped within Canada and USA
  • SENA Cases Elega Pouch - For iPod Touch 1st Generation + 2nd Generation - Worldwide
  • XTRAC Pad LOGIC Mousepad - Will be shipped worldwide
  • XTRAC Pad LOGIC Mousepad - Will be shipped worldwide

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SENA Cases