SENA Cases Magnet Flipper, Elega Pouch and Premium Stand for iPod Touch Review
By: Michael Phrakaysone


You purchase a brand new iPod Touch/iPhone with your hard earned money.  If you’re anything like me, you believe in taking care of your product the best possible way.  But that doesn’t mean that style has to take a back seat.  You want your iPod to stand out from the crowd and that means purchasing not just any run-of-the-mill case on the market but a specific one that offers premium long lasting quality and protection but also provides a professional look.  There’s nothing worse than making your iPhone/iPod Touch look like some sort of toy. 

Today I will be reviewing and going over with you three unique cases for the iPod Touch (these cases are also made for other various models) that are from SENA, a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury leather cases since 1999.  I want to introduce you to the SENA Magnet Flipper, Elega Pouch and Premium Stand cases for the iPod Touch.

About SENA Cases

“Formed in 1999, Sena Cases is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury leather cases for today’s most popular mobile devices including smartphones, cell phones, laptop bags, PDA’s, MP3 players and more. All cases are individually handcrafted and constructed from the finest, full-grain, exclusive calfskin Napa leather imported from Italy and Turkey. The unique cases not only offer an upscale, quality appearance, but also provide exceptional functionality.

Brothers and Owners Ramsey and Fevzi Oten are the grandchildren of an entrepreneur in the leather industry.  As gadget enthusiasts, the brothers were always displeased with the availability for sleek, trendy, upscale mobile device accessories that not only looked great but also enhanced the device usability.

Utilizing focus groups and other market research studies, Sena’s founders realized the mobile device accessory market was filled with products that hinder the device performance. Most consumers select devices that are small and slim. However, many of the accessories create extra bulk, include difficult snap closures and lack the necessary customization to allow access to certain device ports.

Unique to the mobile device accessory market, Sena Cases has taken great care to produce protective cases that are completely customized to individual devices. The cases are comprised of exclusive calfskin Napa leather imported from Italy and Turkey. The accessories are designed with exceptional quality and help magnify the device’s most popular product attributes such as size, port controls, and operating functions.

Sena Cases are available for a myriad of mobile devices and come in many leather color and style variations.  Sena products are available at the Sena Store online, at worldwide Apple retail stores, and other authorized worldwide retailers. For more information on Sena Cases or to purchase, visit”

*One of the things I wanted to point out to you about SENA Cases is the amount of customizability and choice of leather.  I think what sets SENA Cases from other cases offered by other companies is the process of making your decision.  The amount of flexibility and choices you have when making your decision is such a great thing, making you involved in the process.  Each product offers a number of color and leather type variations, so you can create a product that is catered towards your tastes making the end result very expressive to the person you truly are.  Speaking about leather, SENA has been in the business since 1999 and knows what kind of leather will be best for such a product and they have chosen quality calfskin Napa leather imported from Italy or Turkey, so you know you’re getting the best. 

Magnet Flipper Product Description

“The Magnet Flipper is made of premium European leather and is specially designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. The Magnet Flipper offers device port openings, pocket(s) for business or credit cards, and slots for memory cards. Utilizing gravity, the cover is engineered with a hinged bottom and magnetic fastening system at top, thus allowing the cover to be flipped out of the way with a flick of the thumb and enabling the user to quickly access the device. Like all Sena accessories, the Magnet Flipper is custom designed for a myriad of devices, resulting in a slim and snug fit.

Magnet Flipper Product Features

  • Slim Design
  • Finest European Napa leather
  • Velvet Lining
  • Light and rigid protective layer
  • Use either with or without clip (Clip is included)
  • iPod Touch headphone and speaker holes
  • Charging port opening
  • Multi-purpose pocket
  • Innovative Magnetic closure design allow you to operate the case with one hand

Elega Pouch Product Information

  • Slim design
  • Finest European Napa leather
  • Velvet Lining
  • Shock-absorbent padding
  • Light and rigid protective layer
  • Ratchet belt clip
  • Designed for iPod Touch
  • Compatible with iPod Touch 2G

Premium Stand Product Description

“The Sena Premium Stand Case for iPod touch is individually hand-crafted from the finest Italian Napa leather with Sena's well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The Premium Stand is a special Sena design offering a solution for those who want to use their case as a stand to watch videos. The slim curve hugging leather provides excellent protection and outstanding functionality for video viewing. The Premium Stand Case for the iPod touch provides easy access to the head phone jack and sync and charge port openings. The Premium stand case also includes a snap closure and extra padding for excellent protection.”

Premium Stand Product Features

  • Slim Design
  • Snap closure
  • 1 Multi-purpose pocket
  • Headphone jack opening
  • Easy access to all buttons
  • Top Quality full grain leather
  • Can be used as a stand to watch videos
  • Padded protection
  • Hot-sync Thru travel cable
  • Designed for Apple iPod Touch

First Impressions

Each case that SENA sells comes in its own unique corrugated box.  The box adds to the luxury feeling where it reminds the owner of purchasing something special such as an expensive watch or jewelry for the lady.  Those expensive items come in a box and with the SENA case, it’s no different.  It makes you anticipate what is inside and being awed when it has been revealed.  Open the box and you are presented the iPod case being covered with its own exclusive SENA carrying case that products the case from damages.  The amount of thought that went into this makes everything feel intricate and special in its own way.

Magnet Flipper

SENA Magnet Flipper

The Magnet Flipper I have here today is of tan color with no croco-leather design which to me at least is probably meant for the ladies.  Having the croco-leather design with the Magnet Flipper makes the product look like a small mini purse but it definitely looks nice I have to say, just not meant for a guy.

When I first laid eyes on the Magnet Flipper, I was amazed at the quality of this case.  The leather is very nice and feels semi-soft yet sturdy and gives away just a good impression.  I love the fact that the stitching is precise and the stitching thread is thick so it’ll last a long time.  What makes it even more impressive is that each case that SENA makes are individually handcrafted and carefully constructed from real people, so a lot of love went into making each case.   The SENA logo is embossed on the leather itself which adds a nice touch. 

The reason why it’s called the Magnet Flipper is that the flap that holds the SENA logo has a magnetic fastening system at top, thus allowing the cover to be flipped out of the way with a flick of the thumb and enabling the user to quickly access the device.

On the rear of the Magnet Flipper is where you can decide to utilize the belt clip if you so choose to do so.  All that is required is to screw the circular mount on the back of the Magnet Flipper with an Allen key screw (Allen key tool included) and lock the clip onto this circular mount.  I personally don’t utilize belt clips too often as I find it has an awkward feeling for me and it’s a safety issue for me as you might be inviting theft.

Opening the Magnet Flipper reveals further embossed letters displaying the website address and ‘Genuine Leather’.  The magnetic flap initially was a little stiff but loosened up over time.  This is common with most if not all leather.  The magnetic flap acts as a screen protector once not in use and also functions as a compartment where you can store business cards and other such items.  Further stitching inside the case provides even more flair against the tan color.

Putting in the iPod Touch inside the Magnet Flipper fits snug and the device does not move.  The fitment is excellent providing proper LCD viewing clearance from end to end.  There is not one area of the screen where you cannot see.  About the only small issue (not really a major issue) is the fact that the leather on the edges of the screen stick up a little and doesn’t sit flat against the iPod Touch.  This is not the fault of the case though because there is not even an inch of space on the edge of the iPod Touch.  But I have found folding the leather down will help this out in the long run.

The only other possible con I can see with the Magnet Flipper is that there is no screen protector included even though the flap can act as a screen protector.  But if you have this in your pocket possible items might creep in between the flap and hurt the screen.  The good thing is that you can purchase your own clear screen protector for dead cheap nowadays so it’s not even an issue.

I really like the Magnet Flipper and it’s what I see myself using along with the Premium Stand.  Even though the regular price may be pricey, from my experience it’s probably worth it especially if you can get it on sale.


Elega Pouch

SENA Elega Pouch

The Elega Pouch is next up.  The Elega Pouch is something that is personal preference as some people prefer pouches than actual cases because they can use the device with their own hands and drop it into a pouch once they are finished.  Let’s make no mistake; SENA has not revolutionized pouches as we see them today.  Frankly a pouch is a pouch.  But I can tell you with the Elega Pouch if your iPod will be safe as possible.

The one I have here is simply black with no croco-leather.  As we look to the front of the Elega Pouch we see no SENA embossed logo.  However the logo is embossed on the back of the belt-clip which I find very odd.  I would have rather placed the embossed logo at the front because frankly no one (not even you) will see the SENA logo once it’s clipped on your pant.  I don’t understand the logic. Mind you this mishap only is on the black non-croco Elega Pouch.  If you select another color, the logo is indeed embossed at the front.

Again SENA uses thick stitching around the edges of the product and more on the rear than the front of the pouch.  The front of the Elega Pouch looks plainly boring and maybe choosing the croco-leather would have been better in this case.

Coming to the rear of the Elega Pouch I find it to be more exciting than the front.  However I can’t help notice a few things wrong with this particular sample.  First off the integrated belt clip is slanted just towards the right; it’s not even straight.  This I find annoying.

Second is some sort of gash to the left of the belt clip.  It looks like a small gash made during manufacturing and has some sort of substance (gooey) that is hard to remove.  I don’t know how this sample got out.

Slipping your iPod Touch/iPhone in and out of the Elega Pouch many times, you want to have great padding that secures your device from falling out and also protects the finish of the iPod casing and its screen.  The Elega Pouch features a purple-looking, tough, yet soft type of material that holds the iPod in place tightly, and is soft enough to not induce scratches on the iPod.  The iPod fits snugly into place and the top of the iPod doesn’t stick too far out which is a good thing.

The Elega Pouch is a hit and miss for me and I don’t think it’s worth the regular price of $39.99US from what I experienced with the fit and finish.

Premium Stand

SENA Premium Stand

The SENA Premium Stand is a case that is very similar to the Magnet Flipper and even on pricing.  About the only other distinguishing difference the two have is the fact that this one can be used as a stand to watch videos on the iPod Touch because the case opens horizontally instead of vertically on the Magnet Flipper.

This is another case that I enjoy.  Once I laid eyes on it, I found it to be elegant in looks and I was surprised at how nice the brown actually looks.  The brown to me actually looks more dark cherry but I’m not complaining because it looks solid.

The snap closure is personal preference but I really like it.  It makes using the device like opening a diary and tightly secures the device fully than on the Magnet Flipper.  The same type of leather is used on this being a very durable one and result is a horizontal flap that needs to be ‘broken-in’ to become loose overtime.  I found the flap to be a little too stiff and it would try to close by itself.  The good thing about this horizontal door flap is the fact that you can use it as a stand to watch videos on the iPod Touch.  It works well and the case can stand up on its own (the Magnet Flipper cannot do this) making is versatile.

Fit and finish is excellent.  Slip your iPod Touch into the Premium Stand through the side opening and it’s perfectly aligned to the screen not covering any of the edges or things like that.  The flap also acts as a business card compartment as well which is nifty.

The only other con is the same con I had with the Magnet Flipper.  The leather on the edge of the device doesn’t sit flat on the device; it rises up a little too much.

I really like the Premium Stand and it’s what I see myself using along with the Magnet Flipper (a little more since it can stand).

SENA Cases


The SENA cases I looked at today, I came away with a lasting impression on what SENA is all about and I can recommend easily to you that the Magnet Flipper and Premium Stand should be on your shortlist in quality leather cases for your iPod Touch.  Unfortunately for the Elega Pouch, it’ll be just short of my recommendation.



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