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ModSynergy.com is a trusted Canadian technology website that has been online since 2002, and whose primary focus is towards reviewing various technology and computing related products, whether it be for the enthusiast, Average Joe, or Plain Jane.

ModSynergy is fully committed on providing reviews that emphasizes hands-on testing of products, and each go through a review process of their own to guarantee impartiality and clarity. The whole truth is revealed, good or bad, initial and long-term. No lies. No compromises. No gimmicks.

Our hope is to enlighten readers so that they can learn something new with each and every visit, be informed about the latest trends, and share with our readers if a certain product is worth purchasing.

The Editor-In-Chief of ModSynergy.com is Michael Phrakaysone. With a background and love for computers and technology at a very young age, Michael is a recent graduate of the 'Computer Networking and Technical Support' program and is now working for one of the leading companies in the semiconductor industry.

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If you want your products to be reviewed on our website and would like to be part of our growing database of site sponsors, please contact me via email at: editor [at] modsynergy [dot] com.


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