Blowhole Guide


In our Dremel review, we promised you a guide on how to make a blowhole. Here it is!

First off, the materials you will need are:

  • A PC case
  • Case fan
  • Masking tape
  • Compass with pencil
  • Ruler
  • Dremel
  • Moulding
  • Mounting screws for the fan
  • Fan guard
  • Drill bits
  • Power tools (somewhat)

Step 1: Get your case fan and position it on top of your PC case. You will have to use a pencil and mark down where you will put your blowhole. Make sure you have the right measurements. Remove all components from the PC case before proceeding.  Metal filings are not good for the computer.

Step 2: Use masking tape and cover the top of your case, where you will make your blowhole.

Step 3: Once you have covered up the top of the case, use your fan and position it on top where you want it.

Step 4: Trace the outline of the fan and mark down the screw holes. Find the middle by drawing an X with the ruler. The intersection is where the two lines meet and that is considered your "middle". Mark the middle with a big dot.

Step 5: Use your compass to make a circle with the width of the fan blades. Not the whole fan unit, just the circle and where the fan blades extend.

Step 6: With your compass, place the end without the pencil on the marked X, and draw your circle. Now your fan outline is complete.

Step 7: Gentlemen, start your tools!  Start Dremeling/cutting the circle. Be as accurate as you can and stay on the line. In my case, it took 10 minutes or less to cut around the aluminum. Your time may depend on your experience and what type of metal you are cutting.

Step 8: Don’t rush! Take a break. Drink something. When you have finished cutting, use sand paper and sand out the edges. I used 300 grit and 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Sand it until smooth and until you cannot cut yourself.

Step 9: Place your fan and see if the outline matches the length of the fan blades…you may now use your desired moulding and wrap around the cut. You can do this after as well also. Patience, be patient when cutting your moulding. I rushed and my cut did not fit. There was a small gap that didn’t touch. Learn from my mistake.

Step 10: When you feel that you have done everything as good as you can, proceed and drill your screw holes. Double check your holes by grabbing your drill bit kit and your case fan guard. Use the best size drill bit to go through the screw holes of the fan guard.

Step 11: Drill the screw holes.  If you elect to use a grommet, go ahead and do so, it adds a unique look as well stops possible fan vibrations. Unfortunately, my local Canadian Tire doesn’t seem to have it. I will have to use plain screws.

In the end, be patient and happy with your mod. I purchased side door moulding for $3.99 CAN at Canadian Tire. It is the chrome-look type. It actually looks sweet with the silver Chenming.

Hope this mod was easy to do, and thanks to the following: for supplying the Cre-Air 120mm Fan, visit them for great prices on products

Dremel for supplying a Dremel