Switch Guide


Wanting to add a power switch like the ITW vandal switch we reviewed?  Well this article is for you.  It's going to be a short artcile describing what I did to place the switch into my Chenming aluminum silver case. Depending on your case, the procedure could be a bit different but this will give you a general idea of what you need to do. 

Step 1: With your power switch soldered and everything ready to go, remove the front panel of your case.

Step 2: Experiment if it would fit right off the bat. In my case, the switch only would fit half way thus modding will be required to remove the square portion of that current switch area.

The rear of the panel.  The switch area (big circle one) needs the square portion to be cut out

Step 3: I elected to use the Dremel to cut the square portion that is blocking the switch from going fully inwards.

Step 4: Take your time.  I originally used some cutting bits to chop off the square portion but I had some trouble thus had to revert to plan B.  This was to use the sanding bit and then sanding off the plastic (melt it off).

Step 5: Once finished, it will look something like this.  Add the switch and place some super glue around the rear of the switch to let it stick on the plastic.

Look at my melt job...look at the cut I made near the floppy with the cutting wheel.  At least it works right?

Step 6: More modding is required. When I placed the front panel on, the switch touches the metal thus making it pop off. The rear of the switch was too long and hit the aluminum of the case. From here, I had to mark down where the switch hits the metal. You have to cut a hole for the switch to protrude straight through. I needed a small circle. The result will look like this.

Sand the circle after you have cut it, to prevent self from getting cut.

Step 7: Put everything together again and connect the wires into your motherboard. You have now successfully modded a power switch into your case.

I would like to thank ITW for the switches and Dremel for the tool used in this small mod.