Cooling the Soltek nForce2


Well nForcers…are you looking to get more performance out of your overclock? Looking to cool down your nForce 2 board some more? This article is intended to go over some ways that you can do just that. It will be updated regularly when I have some new things to point out...

How can I cool down the nForce 2?

  • Lap the Northbridge heatsink.  Each heatsink is never flat, mostly concave. Check out our Lapping Guide for more information.
  • Add a Southbridge heatsink. Salvage a heatsink from an old computer, anything.  I picked up a heatsink from a P1 computer. Measure carefully the dimensions of the southbridge. Bring out the trusty dremel and start cutting.  Once finished you are able to stick the heatsinks on by use of thermal pads (I used it). Make sure you position them the right way. Press down on the heatsinks for a couple of seconds to make it really stick. You have now added stability at high FSB to you motherboard!

Bring the Dremel out for some work!

Two lapped NB and SB heatsinks