AMD Athlon 64/FX HSF Installation Guide


You have purchased an AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Athlon FX processor but you don’t know how to install the supplied heatsink/fan combination. This article is geared towards helping you how to do just that. Follow along and you’ll be installing your heatsink in no time.

1. First off before you do anything, please apply your thermal compound of choice over the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) featured on your AMD Athlon 64/FX line of processor. With your backplate in hand, remove the white layer of film paper so that your backplate will expose the sticky insulator material.

2. Place the backplate on the back of your motherboard. You must align the two opposite ends for this to work properly. Pat down the backplate after you are done. Now flip the motherboard socket-side up.

3. Now place your black retention frame on top of the protruded screw ends of the backplate.

4. Now with the supplied screws, mount those screws on both sides with equal amount of pressure to both sides.

5. Now there are two ways to do the next step. I prefer the way I am going to show you. Place the side with the tool-free clip and clip it over the retention frame’s lug(s).

6. Now hold your heatsink/fan combination down with your hand slightly making sure it is straight. Now push the tool-free clip onto the outmost end lug to lock it into place.

7. You must push down the opposite side clip into place. You should here a "click" sound  so that the clip has been

put into place securely.  Just push it down over the lug.

8. Plug the heatsink's fan connector onto the proper fan connector located on your motherboard. You are now finished.

Note: You can choose whatever position you want to use first when installing your HSF. The retention frame allows the tool-free clip to be installed via both ends. So for example one would install the tool-free clip closest to their power supply, and another would choose to install the tool-free clip side opposite from their power supply and closest to their chipset heatsink.

Happy K8 cooling!  Take this as my teaser trailer into the AMD Athlon 64 processor and motherboard review :)