1st Annual ModSynergy.com Editor's Choice Awards

Editors Choice

Well folks it has been one heck of a year and I have learned many things from this experience. I just want to thank all who helped make ModSynergy.com a success; all the visitors (I hope you continue to do so) and all the sponsors (without your hard work, non of this success would have been possible). Going forward to the second year of ModSynergy.com will be continued dedication from me and my secondary reviewer to help you decide what is good, what is not.

I want to introduce the 1st Annual ModSynergy.com Editor's Choice Awards which is a compilation of products that were reviewed from December 15, 2002 (Date when ModSynergy came LIVE) and to December 15th, 2003 that hit me and that I feel deserves this award. Product(s) will be chosen from each review category if possible. Without further ado, let’s start…

Audio Segment

iAudio CW300 MP3 Player – Looking for an excellent MP3 Player? This player impressed me with its dead gorgeous looks, a very generous bundle, and the best sound quality I have ever heard from a MP3 Player (literally). The sound quality is clear and produces heart pumping bass and all this with excellent sound quality. The level of advanced features/options such as Equalizer is astounding. Transferring music is also pretty fast for a USB 1.1 unit and that impressed me. It garners this award.

Altec Lansing VS4121 2.1 Speaker System – This 2.1 speaker system rocks and Altec Lansing has made this one have excellent SQ for its size. It sports nice looks and the bass the subwoofer puts out is awesome.

Case Segment

iCute 0314TL-BS Case – The iCute 0314TL-BS Case gets the nod for Editor’s Choice for bringing something new to the table. The nice looks are bundled up with one of the easiest installations made possible with the free-swinging removable motherboard tray.

Silverstone Lascala Series SST-LC01 HTPC Case – The Silverstone Lascala Series SST-LC01 HTPC Case gets the nod for earning the Editor’s Choice for resurrecting the desktop platform into a masterpiece. The installation is easy and there is good room while having a removable drive cage. There are even extra screws included.

Cooling Segment

Thermaltake Silent Boost – The Thermaltake Silent Boost surprised me the most from the fact that the past Thermaltake offerings disappointed me. The unique Thermaltake Silent Boost is quiet and capable to keep up with the big boys offering a unique free flowing fan that is very quiet. The copper base was constructed very well and the base was much better than past Thermaltake offerings. It doesn’t sound like a factory anymore, and that’s nice to hear.

Arctic-cooling VGA Silencer – Wow. This recent review of this video card cooler amazed me and preformed tremendously well. Featuring great cooling, construction, and easy installation, this one rocks…(There is even a rumor floating around for a copper based one:))


Memory Modules Segment

Corsair TWINX Platinum Series PC-3200 512MB DDR Memory – If you are a overclocker, then you know Corsair and you must know the Corsair TWINX Platinum Series. These dual-channel offerings preformed very well with nice timings to boot. Allow your overclock to gain more with these Corsairs.

Monitor/Display Segment

Cornea CT1704 17” TFT-LCD Monitor – The Cornea CT1704 17” TFT-LCD Monitor gains this award because of its excellent performance and nice looks. The Cornea CT1704 17” TFT-LCD Monitor has a speaker as well sports a refresh time of 20ms and produced excellent color and excellent performance in games and in general.

Input/Output/Mouse Segment

PCXmods X-Trac Zoom – I love this mouse pad and stand by my words saying that this pad is all you really need. I am still using the PCXmods X-Trac Zoom and love every minute. It provides excellent tracking and is thin providing fewer irritations to your arm (some pads are thick at the edges and rub against your arm).


HighSpeed PC Athlon XP Unlocking Kit – What can I say? If you want to overclock your locked CPU, then pick this up. Super easy to conduct. Includes a handy magnifier as well.

Power Segment

A+GPB 480W Titanium Power Supply – Looking for a Power Supply? This one will provide you with excellent power and is basically the same thing as the 450W unit (I love the 450W too) and adds SATA support, dual fans, Titanium, and awesome looks. I’m running it now.

Seasonic Super Tornado 300W – The Seasonic Super Tornado 300W covered up what I thought about Seasonic before as I was disappointed with the old 300W and 400W models. But this one provided a big and quiet 120mm, which owned cooling prowess and had the best rails I’ve seen with the Soltek SL-FRN2-L motherboard.

Storage/Optical Segment

Nu Technology DBW-521 COMBI 52x24x16x Combo Burner/DVD Drive – This one garners the award also. Being new to the market, Nu Technology produced a fast burner and combo DVD drive. I’m using it now and no problems have been found. I find it to be fast and very stable.