Contest #1 Info


Well folks, it’s that time for a contest. After reviewing the Spire WhsiperRock IV and being quite impressed, we have (3) WhisperRock IV Coolers to giveaway. But that’s not only it. We are giving away (2) Spire T-Shirts and (2) Spire BreezeFan’s.

Since it is a small contest, entering is easy. All you have to do is answer the following question.

"What was the first ever review we conducted on (Hint: It relates to Spire)"

When you answer the question, please email with the answer to the question, Full Name, Email address, and address of where to ship the prize to.

Contest starts today, November 17th and ends on Nov. 28 so everyone has time to join in. After that date, I will be seeing who got the right answers and plugging their name into an Excel spreadsheet where I make a macro of a random number to stop on. Where it stops on wins a prize. I will then email the user and he has 5 days to claim his prize. Within those 5 days if he/she does not claim the prize, another person will win it and so forth.

Update:  Here are the winners.  Thank you for participating!

  • Steven Brehm - Won a Spire WhisperRock IV
  • William Lallemand - Won a Spire WhisperRock IV
  • Tim Hordern - Won a Spire WhisperRock IV
  • Bryan Andrews - Won a Spire T-Shirt
  • Nicholas Tiong - Won a Spire T-Shirt
  • Bruce Bennett - Won a Spire BreezeFan
  • Yair Yogev - Won a Spire BreezeFan