Logitech 2.4GHz Wireless Xbox Controller Review


Even though you play your Xbox with your standard controller, you may feel that the cord in some cases is limiting. You may have your Xbox situated far away from your couch and far away than the already long cord can go. You may also feel that you want that freedom and having a controller with no wires. In the last couple of years, wireless has been making its way into just about anything. Now gaming controllers. Wireless is quickly becoming the standard and is improving every time. Logitech, the leader in peripherals, knows wireless and extends its knowledge by producing their 2.4GHz Wireless Xbox Controller.


  • Have complete freedom of movement with cordless technology
    Logitech cordless freedom 2.4GHz technology delivers top gaming performance plus a 50-foot range. There is no lag (latency). You get the full performance of corded controllers, without the hassle of a cord.
  • Wring all the excitement out of your games with two independent vibration feedback motors
    Vibration feedback makes games more fun. Sophisticated dual motor technology provides maximum vibration feedback. You aren't getting the full experience that the game designers intended unless you are feeling the vibration effects.
  • Get all the control you need: dual analog mini-joysticks, D-pad, eight pressure-sensitive buttons
    This comfortable controller has all the control features gamers demand, and they are all arranged for fast and efficient gameplay. The analog sticks are ultra-accurate and responsive for precise 360-degree movement. The buttons are large and sure. You will be in complete control.
  • Play in the same room with up to seven friends with no radio interference
  • You can connect up to 8 controllers to a single console. It's easy to do and the performance remains excellent.
  • 50+ hours of game play with 4 AA batteries (included)
  • One-year warranty

The Logitech 2.4GHz Wireless Xbox Controller arrived in perfect condition via UPS in a Logitech sample box. Taking out the hard plastic shell packaging reveals it to be simple yet very effective. The front displays the controller and the real mark features of this controller.

Once opened, you will find a couple of items that are included with the purchase of the Logitech 2.4GHz Wireless Xbox Controller. There is obviously the controller, receiver unit, 4 AA batteries (Duracell in my case), and the manual with some registration papers.

First of all, you will notice off that the size of the controller is really wide and is most suited for people with big hands. The front of the controller has all the necessary buttons such as the colored buttons, the D-pad, the dual mini-joysticks, and eight pressure sensitive buttons. The dual mini-joysticks have sufficient rubber that will prevent your thumbs slipping on it during extend play. It also feels very comfortable and isn’t too easy nor too stiff to operate. The analog D-Pad on the other hand is also good and is made out of plastic, which gets a bit greasy easily. Using it feels a bit awkward because it feels like it doesn’t rotate with ease. It takes a bit to get used to.

The rear of the controller features two triggers that feel very good and is of great quality. They make a solid noise when in use and I feel are much better than the original Xbox controller. The rear of the controller protrudes outwards and that is the space that holds 4AA batteries to operate. The colored buttons feel solid yet make a more noticeable noise than the original Xbox controller. It doesn’t feel like it is pressure sensitive because it automatically clicks down when you press it, even slightly when you are not trying to do that which poses a problem if you are playing a pressure sensitive game.

More pictures w/captions

The receiver is such of those of the Logitech Wireless mouse line and features two ports for the memory pack. It features one button on it, which is the “Connect” button. The receiver plugs into the console and you press the “Connect” button and start playing. It’s that simple. However, that doesn’t come without fault. What about you want to play Xbox LIVE with this controller via the headset? Well you can’t because the receiver packs the ports to do so. Get what I am trying to say?

While playing several games with this controller, it feels solid and very strong. There is no lag with this controller and is something wireless does. It is not present here and that’s a great thing. There is a LED on the top right corner that lets you know if the controller is operating properly. Overall, the controller layout is comfortable except for the “BACK” and “START” buttons. I feel Logitech should have placed them underneath the left D-pad, as people with smaller hands will have a hard time reaching it.

Logitech claims that that you can play with this controller at up to 20 feet and I don’t have specific numbers to back that up, but I can tell you that it looks like it’s true because it even works if I’m in my hallway and not even close to my room.

The vibration feedback seems relatively pumping and does a good job of reproducing the special FX. As it is wireless, there is a bit of a tradeoff. The vibration doesn’t feel as pumping and controller shaking as the Microsoft Xbox Controller. This is probably to allow the controller to last as long as possible. I found the battery time to be quite long lasting. I don’t play Xbox all day and all night so the batteries last long.

Playing for a long time also has a problem. Sweat. As is with the original Xbox controller, there are no rubber grips and that becomes a problem if your hands are sweating and you are in the final minute of your sports game.

Well wireless does increase the price and that is present with this one.  You will pay a few bucks extra to have the wireless function.

I rate the Logitech 2.4GHz Wireless Xbox Controller a…


Pros and Cons

+ Construction
+ No lag
+ Wireless!
+ Comfortable (for the most part)
- People with small hands won’t find it comfortable
- Rubber grips needed
- Buttons feel “insensitive”
- Can’t play Xbox LIVE via headset

Alternative Pricing

I would like to thank Logitech for making this review possible.


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