Akasa 60mm-80mm Fan Adaptor Review


Today we review the 60-80mm fan adaptor from Akasa.

Do you want a more quiet solution to your 60mm CPU fan but do not want to shell out $ 30 for a new cooler? Well, then you should have by now heard of so called 60-80mm fan adaptors. But do these work? We will see…

The Akasa fan adaptor comes in a well designed box that includes the following accessories:


First of all, the Akasa fan adaptor is very easy to install. First you screw on the fan adaptor. In this case I will be using the Dynatron DC1206BM-L/610-P-CU we recently reviewed as the test victim.

Now just pop on the fan adaptor. Screwing it with the silver screws included. Refer to the picture below.

Secondly, you now have to choose what fan you want to utilize. I will be utilizing the CRE-AIR clear 80mm fan that I picked up from a local shop. It pulls roughly 32.5CFM's of air at a sound level of 28.5 dBA's as opposed to the Dynatron's 24.4 CFM's of air at a sound level of 40 dBA's. Will this improve the performance? I believe it should help.

Now just pop on the fan and use the black screws to tighten it down.

Now I want you to notice something. The height difference with the fan adaptor in use. The height difference is quite high, thus I believe this will make the ultimate factor. I would have suggested that they made a fan adaptor that was flat/lower.

The Results


Idle: 44c

Load (UT 2003): 49c


Idle: 47c

Load (UT 2003): 57c


You know what I am going to say...The fan adaptor didn't do squat. It actually made the performance even worse! I believe it was because of the bad design. It required the use of a faster fan. So I popped on a Sunon 80mm fan rated at 39 CFM's. What did it do? The temps were much better about 2 degrees for the idle and 5c for the load temperatures. However, the use of the Sunon 80mm fan meant the addition of a higher sound tone at 32dBA's, but quiter than before by just a bit. The Sunon fan is this one: here.


I am going to have to give the Akasa 60-80mm fan adaptor a...


Pros & Cons

+ Aesthetics

+ Easy installation

- Design height

- It shocked me in the first test

- Requires a faster fan. Faster fan means, louder sound

- Made performance worst the first time along.

- I just don't see the price/performance benefit.


I want to thank Adrian from Akasa for his time sending this product to review.



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