Maxtill G-Pad (Mouse Pad) Review
By: Michael Phrakaysone
Edited By: Steve M. Silver


    When one purchases a computer system, one never goes to the extent of thinking of buying a mouse pad. However, this does not hold true for the professionals who require a mouse pad that can execute the users every inch of move. The same goes for gamers. Gamers always want the best that can make or break them a win in a tournament. Few have heard of the company called Maxtill. Maxtill is a company based in Korea that produces mouse pads.

Everyone has encountered mouse pads; well, hold on, because the mouse pad I am reviewing today is made of glass.

About Maxtill

    The G-Pad is made from approximately a half centimeter tempered glass and is very strong. In fact there is a video located on the Maxtill website that shows how strong the G-Pad is from an event of an accident. The G-Pad’s main focus according to Maxtill, is the focus on friction and tracking.

    The G-Pad arrived to me in perfect condition and in a package like I’ve never seen for a mouse pad. It comes packaged in a black carrying case that has a pocket filled with items within this bundle. The mouse pad actually sits inside a plastic container case, so protection from any scratches is prevented.

    Bundled with the G-Pad is a dusting cloth, non-slip replacement feet, balancing pads, and a year’s worth of Teflon coated padmates. This is without a doubt the most complete bundle for a mouse pad I have ever seen. The number of Padmates for use on your mouse included in this package is amazing also. There are six sheets of many variations and sizes to choose from. Lots of thought and care went into making the whole presentation bundle worthwhile. It made my first impressions feel like this is a quality product.

    This is not just a mouse pad made out of glass; the top of the mouse pad that has a textured feel. One of the great things Maxtill is offering is the option of having your choice of design or logo imprinted on the mouse pad. As you can see, the logo is not imprinted on the top surface of the mouse pad, but rather the bottom.

    The bottom of the G-Pad reveals six rubber feet already installed, and you have replacement feet included in the bundle. The G-Pad is close to 8.5x11 inch size.


    The Maxtill G-Pad performs very well. However, in my case there are some pros and cons. Maxtill even states this on their product page. That is some optical mices may not work well with the G-Pad. In my case, I was using the wireless Logitech MX700. The Logitech MX700 captures 4.7 megapixels of information a second, and has a resolution of 800dpi. You can be sure that the Logitech MX1000 (which is Laser based) would definitely work with the G-Pad.

    During the course of my long term testing of 1-2 months, I found out the G-Pad performs really well. For the most part, with the Padmates installed on the bottom of the MX700, the mouse can glide and tracks very well on the G-Pad. There is not much noise while moving the mouse, provided you have used the Padmates. However, on some occasions the MX700 did not respond and sometimes the cursor lagged and jumped to different positions on the screen. I think this could be due to one of two things. The first possibility could be a mouse problem (optical sensor is too weak?).  Secondly, the G-Pad’s surface needs to wiped clean due to some dust aquired over time. Dust is not an extreme issue with the G-Pad but every once in a while it would be wise to wipe it clean with the provided cloth.

Here is a screenshot of the consistent tracking abilities the G-Pad allows.


    I like the G-Pad. It’s comfortable, and it generally works well. Maxtill has done an excellent job on the presentation of the G-Pad and as well as for the performance aspect of the product. The primary problem is you may need to find the right optical mouse to work with the G-Pad. Anyone looking for a mouse pad that they could use for the rest of their computing lives should take a look at the G-Pad because of it’s construction. I would also advise testing your favorite mouse on it and, if it works steadily, then I have no problem recommending it for use.

Pros and Cons

+ Tracks well   + Excellent presentation and what a bundle!  + Comfortable  - Possibility of some optical mices not working to full potential with G-Pad. Appears high-end mice will work best.  - Availability, Maxtill being located in Korea

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