Mouse Bungee Review


Let me thank Monk from Mouse Bungee for sending me this to review.

Have you ever played your important rounds of UT 2003 and all of a sudden lose because your mouse cord got caught under your keyboard, etc. Well I have and it’s a pain.

Today we evaluate’s answer to this. Introducing the Mouse Bungee.

The mouse bungee is a unique product that keeps corded mouse away from dangling or hanging around.

The Mouse Bungee comes installed with rubber feet so that the unit sticks to the surface area. I had to pull with force to move the unit.


Need I say more?

Testing thoughts

The Mouse Bungee actually makes a difference. I used my Logitech Optical Mouse to demonstrate. I was used to playing UT 2003 and having the cord slip under the keyboard and getting stuck. Now I can successfully play without the cord becoming caught in desk objects.

To give you an idea of how it works, this animation is taken off the Mouse Bungee website. It is their demonstration.


I loved this little device. It’s a simple product that works effectively. It's a product that no one I have seen has thought about making. All the problems with mouse cords have gone away when using the Mouse Bungee. The cord swivels nicely without being caught around the table. It feels like I went wireless! Now I can successfully frag people without any hesitations. I have no hesitations on recommending the Mouse Bungee. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors and custom logos to choose from!

To all UT2003 lovers...Mouse Bungee has a special edition UT 2003 Edition Mouse Bungee. Be one of the very many to pick one up here.

Thanks to for sending this unit out to review. Visit them for more details and pick one up along the way!

I give the Mouse Bungee a…



+ Solid Construction. Very cheap price.
+ Rubber feet stick on surface
+ Solves problems with cords flying all over the place getting caught
+ Flexible springs. Sexy!



You can pick a Mouse Bungee up for 9.99U.S. over at



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