Dremel Multi-Pro 395 Review


Let me thank Katie from Dremel for supplying us with this to review.

Case modding has gotten much attention and is very popular. It’s becoming the next big thing. But what does everyone use to modify his or her cases? One tool that has been a popular choice is the Dremel. Today we will be evaluating the most talked about tool, the DREMEL MultiPro 395

The Dremel comes packaged in a very visually pleasing box. It boldly says DREMEL. It stands out very effectively and you should notice it.

Opening the box presents you with the following:

- The Dremel
- Mandrel # 402 (For using cut-off discs)
- Mandrel # 401
- # 407 (Sanding)
- # 414 (Cleaning/Polishing)
- # 425 (Cleaning/Polishing)
- 2 Cut-off discs (Cutting)
- # 8193 (Grinding and Sharpening)
- # 150 (Carving/Engraving)
- Manual and Quick Start Book



  • Speed: 5,000 - 35,000 PRM
  • Slide switch controls on/off and variable rpm
  • Comfort grip housing
  • Ball bearing construction
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • Shank (aka collet) sizes range from 1/8", 3/32", 1/16" and 1/32"

I was surprised how small the Dremel was. It was small enough to fit my hand perfectly. It houses great use of rubber comfort grips throughout the part you will hold. This ensures no slippage and possible injuries. The rubber was very sticky and well placed.

What's unique about the Dremel is what it has to offer. It’s a unique tool with many uses in and outside the house. You can cut virtually anything with the cut-off discs; in this case two were included. To name a few areas where the Dremel can come handy, they are:

- Car care
- Hobby
- Home maintenance
- Marine and fishing
- Woodworking and crafting
- Holidays
- Computers
- And much more

The cut-off disc’s are 1/8” and are very thin. There are many different kinds of cutting accessories available to choose from for specific uses.

The 95-page manual is very informative and very extensive in details. The manual goes over safety, accessories, installation of collets, what’s what and so forth. The manual is excellently written to say the least.

The Dremel is so multi-packed that I could say it’s probably the only tool you will ever need! Also the Dremel has a powerful motor. The motor can be revved up to 30,00 RPM’s and it is variable speed via speed switch on the unit. The Dremel is powered via 115V power outlet. I liked this idea because it eliminates dead batteries. Now you can be drilling and cutting without any stoppage.

Installation of Tools

Installation with the Dremel couldn't’t be any easier. The Dremel uses a Collet nut to tighten the accessories you choose to use. When you unscrew the collet nut (which is the black thing at the top, the collet inside (held by springs) tightens and precisely holds the accessory. You don’t have to tighten it hard either. Just hold the accessory and tighten. There is a Wrench included as well to tighten and to loosen accessories.

The Shaft lock button is the small button you see under the collet nut. This is for easy removal of cutting wheels, etc. When you want to remove an accessory, press the shaft lock button and it will allow the shaft to not spin, providing a more effective way for removing tools.


Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any damages or personal injury you might have. Always wear safety equipment.

To test out the Dremel I will be conducting a blowhole guide which will be available separately on the articles and home page. This will be done on 1.0mm thick aluminum Chenming case. The second test will be cutting off the thick metal fan grill on the Seasonic Power supply we reviewed. This also will be provided separately. This will help cooling.


During extensive cutting and sanding, I found the rubber to really help me out. They provided great grip along the process even when my hands were sweating. Cutting the aluminum was not very long and required steady hands. I suggest cutting outside the lines of the markings you made on your case (will know what I am talking about when guide is out) and sanding the burrs after until you reach the lines. As usual, it’s much a much faster process when you cut at high speeds. The metal took a little longer because it’s much stronger.

I would like to suggest some tips for you.

Wear safety equipment such as:
- Eye protection
- Noise protection
- Possibly head protection because things will fly
- Hand protection if you want

The Dremel has ventilation slits near the top where hot air from the motor will escape, I advise you not to grab on there. It’s very hot after long periods of time.

A picture of after cutting the Chenming case. The Dremel easily manhandled the aluminum. The variable speeds really help for different applications.

Now on to completed images:


The Dremel is an amazing product. It is useful for just about everything you can think of. With the variable speed settings, you can attack anything with ease. The only downfall I see is that you will have to provide cut-off discs when it runs out. You can buy Dremel brand or anything else. I went to my local Canadian Tire and purchase some for $8.99 CAN.

It was a pleasure to use the Dremel Multi-Pro 395. Not only could it successfully cut about almost anything, it has many uses. To demonstrate how multi-purpose it can get, my brother is using it to construct one of his design projects. Hear is an image of him cutting some Lucite glass. He says it’s a damn fine product to use. Very easy and versatile.
I’d say the same.

Overall, I rate the Dremel Multi-Pro 395 a...


It deserves my approval.

Pros & Cons

+ Multi-Purpose as it can get
+ Small
+ Lightweight
+ Powerful motor
+ Shaft lock button
+ Grips
+ Many uses
+ Nice warranty (5 Years)
- Small bundle (Who gives, the accessories are cheap in price anyways!)

Again I would like to thank Katie from Dremel for providing this product to review.

All I have to say is if you are in the brink of modding out your case, please, I mean PLEASE pick up a Dremel Multi-Pro 395 to use. You will find that it’s such a quality product.

For more information, please visit www.dremel.com. Pick one up at your local hardware shop! There is no need to ask why.



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