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By: Michael Phrakaysone


We live in a different world than one 50-years ago.  Today's world is one where people's lives revolve around mobile devices of all kinds, for communicating, business, and entertainment.  Some say that we've become too dependent on technology, to the point that it's affected the world on different levels, for example, that on a social level.  What would happen to businesses today if their computer infrastructure crashed?  Would they be able to get by?  The world would seemingly come to a halt.  What about schools using pencils and paper?  What has happened with the lost art of cursive writing that I once learned as a child?  That's likely a thing of the past with schools trading in pencils and paper for tablets and notebooks.    So in the end technology has indeed changed the world in many ways, both good and bad...  

With all of the mobile devices that we've become attached to at the hip, for many years I've noticed that battery technology hasn't progressed and improved much over the years as drastically as some other technologies have excelled.  We can all agree that devices have quickly become more powerful, but battery technology has become stagnant.  Unfortunately it seems we are stuck with what we currently have.  

That's why rechargeable power banks have been a godsend and have exploded in popularity on the market, so that we can top up our USB devices that seemingly die so quickly on the go, on the road, on the go, in emergencies, and whenever we don't have access to a proper AC power outlet. 

Speaking of proper AC power outlets, why haven't we seen these integrated onto portable Power Banks?  This would allow you to not only charge and or power up your non-USB devices, it would make it possible to power up even larger devices such as laptops, lamps, fans, and portable lighting systems on the go.  Such a thing if possible would create more possibilities, for example I can envision such a device being the perfect accessory to charge a Drone such as a DJI Phantom on the field.  Such a device if possible would make the perfect companion for camping, picnics, to keep in a boat, RV, car, it would create so many possibilities.

Well I'm happy to report such a power bank with AC outlet is possible, though pretty rare on the market, but today I'm happy that I get to share with you regarding one of these AC outlet power banks on the market from a company called XCELLON. 

Today I review the XCELLON 12,000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank with AC & USB Outlet.  The model I'm testing today is PB-1200AC and is capable of powering up electronics up to 65W in power, meaning technically you can power a 13-inch MacBook Pro which consumes 60W.  Not only does it have an AC outlet, it also comes with a USB port so this power bank should be able to handle just about anything you throw at it making it extremely versatile.

Without further ado, let's get into the XCELLON 12,000mAh rechargeable power bank with AC & USB outlet (PB-1200AC) review.

About XCELLON (http://www.xcellongear.com)

Treat your computer right with some outstanding peripherals. Xcellon specializes in creating a wide variety of wired and wireless solutions that enhance your laptop or desktop, keep you connected, stay cool and back up your precious data.

We believe that design and functionality should have equal share, so you can depend on our products to not only look good, but also do their job very well. Connect with Xcellon.

XCELLON PB-1200AC Product Overview 

XCELLON 12,000mAh

XCELLON PB-1200AC Product Features

  • Charges Mobile Devices and Laptops
  • Powers Electronics Requiring up to 65W
  • Battery Fully Charges in Three Hours
  • LED Power Level Indicators
  • Includes Universal AC Adapter, Pouch

AC Power Bank

XCELLON PB-1200AC Product Specifications


First Impressions


The XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet comes in a compact eco friendly packaging with its design being simplified with a blue strip on the side, product image up front, and product information in the rear.  The product comes offered in a black color with no other color combinations.   

I like that the packaging uses only paper and not plastic, making recycling easier and effective than if just plastic were used.  We live in a plastic world with enormous amounts of plastic filling up our landfills, and since there are many variations of plastic, not all plastic can be recycled at local recycling facilities.  Therefore other plastics that cannot be recycled end up sitting and taking up space in the landfills. But with paper having a single variation, all paper can be recycled. 

There's no mention of the type of internal rechargeable used in the XCELLON PB-1200AC, however, I'm certain with the 12,000mAh power output, it more or likely is cylindrical Lithium-Ion 18650 batteries, or if not, probably a Lithium-Polymer battery.  I was unable to dissemble the unit to verify, the unit was solidly shut, so in that regard the build quality was strong.

With the purchase of the XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet , you will find these items inside...

AC Adapter

Charging Cable

Universal AC Plug Adapter

Carry Pouch

Limited 1-Year Warranty

The carrying pouch that comes included with the XCELLON PB-1200AC is of the drawstring variety and contains the XCELLON brand name on the front.  This is to keep the XCELLON PB-1200AC protected from scratches when on the go.  You still have to be careful with impact though as the carrying case doesn't protect from that.

A universal AC plug adapter is included which allows you to use any universal voltage adapters on this power bank no matter if the plug is from overseas.  So if you have an European style plug, just plug it in the adapter and then to the power bank.

The one thing not included in the bundle and should have been included, is rubber feet for the underside of the power bank.  Without any expect underside slippage. 

No USB charge cable is included as well, XCELLON expects you to use the one provided by your own device.

Visual Overview

The XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet  measures 5.11" x 5.11" x 1.0", and weighs 438 grams or 0.964 lbs according to my digital scale.  This is compact and light enough to stick in a laptop bag, purse, and backpack.


The power bank feels strong and sturdy with no flex or weird noises, this gives off a sense of quality.  Though there's no fancy materials used on the product, the plastic quality feels tougher/thicker than usual.

The design of the XCELLON PB-1200AC is very minimalistic, yet nicely designed with curved edges.  The exterior surface is of smooth finish.  On the top of power bank contains a single 3-prong AC outlet which supports the ground prong.  The power bank supports only 120V AC.  The AC outlet is covered with a plastic cover, however, this cover should have been embedded somehow as it can get easily lost.    

At the bottom of the XCELLON PB-1200AC Power Bank with AC & USB outlets we find product information telling us that the product is made in China, that the battery type is Li-ion, that the input voltage to recharge is 20V / 2A maximum, that the AC output is 120V ~60Hz (65W Max) and that the USB output voltage is 5V / 2.4A maximum.  Lastly we find some regulatory informational symbols at the bottom that includes FCC conformity and CE certification for Europe.  It should be noted that there's NO UL Certified or Underwriter Laboratories safety certification for Canada or US.  The manual states that such safety features in the power bank are Anti-Short protection, Surge and Overload Protection, and Overheating Protection.


On the right side of the power bank is an USB charge port that is capable of outputting up to 2.4A and when operated lights up blue with the LED surrounding the charge port.  Next to that is (4) four small blue pinhole LEDs that display current battery charge status when the plastic chrome power ON/OFF button is pressed to check the status of the battery.  Each LED represents 25% capacity totaling 100% capacity.  Ending off is a switch that turns on or off the AC outlet.  Once the AC outlet is turned on, a red LED to the right of this switch is illuminated. 

Out of the box the XCELLON PB-1200AC battery comes depleted and must be charged for the first time.  This is normal when lithium-ion products are shipped around the world, they are usually shipped in very low charge state, for safety reasons and battery longevity.   The manual states it will 3 hours to fully charge.  The (4) four small blue pinhole LEDs alternate as the battery is charging, once finished the blue LED's stop alternating and charging is completed. 

On the top side profile is where the AC input jack is located.  One of those little 40W notebook style I.T.E chargers is used to charge the power bank and is rated at 20V @ 2A.  Thankfully this charger is of high quality having all of the regulatory symbol and certifications including FCC, CE, and Underwriter Laboratories Canada/US certifications.  Sometimes the Chinese products include really cheap (unsafe) AC adapters with their products, but this is not the case with the XCELLON PB-1200AC. 

On the backside of the device, XCELLON could have included four rubber feet on each end to prevent the power bank from sliding around different surfaces. There's only four plastic dimples that raises the device a tiny bit, however, it doesn't prevent the device from sliding around.  A bad omission.

Results - How Does It work?

Both USB and AC outlet can be used at the same time, so you can recharge your Smartphone and recharge your MacBook at the same time if you wanted.

It's always a good idea to double check the wattage of your electronics before plugging into the AC outlet.  You don't want to go over the maximum of 65 watts that is rated by the manufacture.  If you do go over, the XCELLON PB-1200AC has internal circuitry that will protect it from overload, anti-short, and overheating, it'll simply not work. 

To calculate the amount of Watts your AC device uses, you simply look at the rating at the back of the power supply and multiply the output voltage against the output amperage.  So for example, my Netbook AC adapter says that it has an output voltage of 19V and an output amperage of 2.1A, so therefore I simply multiply (19V x 2.1A) both together, and that would total 39.9 Watts.  My other larger Notebook AC adapter has an output voltage of 19V and an output amperage of 3.42A so this would total 64.98 Watts putting it at the limit of the XCELLON PB-1200AC' rated 65W specification. 

ManualUSB ACCharging

Some Examples of What Can Be Powered

LEDDremelSmartphoneLaptopAC LaptopAC DroneUSB Drone

Where Can I Buy One?  And For How Much?

For $99.95 USD you can buy the XCELLON PB-1200AC from B&H Photo.  I wasn't able to find the unit on Amazon.com. 


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My experiences with the XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet  has been very positive. It does everything it advertises and has become my go to product when I take my Quadcopter Drone out to the field. 

All in all, I can absolutely recommend the XCELLON 12,000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank with AC & USB Outlet (PB-1200AC).