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Enermax is a name that every computer enthusiast knows.  Back when I was growing up as a kid in the early 2000 I had a purchased a pair of 350W Enermax power supplies because at the time these were one of the premier brands one could buy.  And lasted they did for almost ten years before I had recycled these computers for becoming obsolete.  It’s a strange thing when I have memories of Enermax personally, but have never reviewed an Enermax product on ModSynergy. Well today is the day that ends.  It’ll be very interesting to see the Enermax of today. 

I have the opportunity of sharing with you on the Enermax Ostrog ADV LED ATX Mid-Tower PC Case.

About Enermax


“ENERMAX Technology Corporation is a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer. Since our establishment in 1990, we provide power supply products and peripherals like chassis, cooler, fan and keyboard with excellent quality and have won recognitions of consumers around the world.

ENERMAX products are recommended by worldwide reviewers, and certain were granted by iF, Red Dot, Good Design and Taiwan Excellence Awards. Those are proven evidence of our top-notch quality and design competency recognized by the professionals.

To develop an intensive sales network and better service customers around the world, ENERMAX has set up branch offices in Germany, France, U.S.A., Japan and China. We also have service offices and distributors in countries across Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

Our farsighted R & D capability is our key strength. The elite teams of ENERMAX always strive to come up with the best and most satisfactory PSU, thermal solution and peripheral products with cutting-edge design that meets the needs of the market and customers. We will stick to our R & D spirits of “Technology Innovation” and “Quality First” to constantly create products which transcend international standard and requirements to keep up on our product and brand value as well as competitive edge.”

Enermax Ostrog ADV Overview

Ostrog ADV, a mid-tower case, is featuring ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology. It is the world first computer chassis with LED light strips in the front and on the top panels of which lighting modes are also in sync with the 2 pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas fans. For those who pursue stunning gaming cases, Ostrog ADV is your LED lighting fortress.

Enermax Ostrog ADV Product Features

  • Exclusive ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology
  • ENERMAX Vegas lighting effects with 6 LED modes
  • Tool-less design for hassle-free installation

Ostrog ADVOstrog ADVOstrog ADV

First Impressions

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The Enermax Ostrog ADV abandons the lower end plain brown box and instead comes in a higher quality and fully color corrugated box, which suggests where they value the Ostrog ADV I their product lineup.  This design is definitely eye attracting on store shelves attracting attention among other plain brown box PC cases.  The packaging features large images showcasing the three available colors of Ostrog ADV and the LED light strip show that comes on the front fascia and top panel portion of the case.  I love that there are handles for easier transport.

Visual Overview (Exterior)

The Ostrog ADV is on the larger side for a mid-tower.  It’s larger overall than the previous two cases I’ve looked at in the FSP CMT210 and Raidmax Alpha RGB Mid-Tower PC case, but a little smaller than the very large Corsair 600T. 

The styling of the Enermax Ostrog ADV is positioned towards gamers as Enermax calls the Ostrog ADV their LED Gaming Fortress.  They claim the Ostrog ADV is the world’s first computer chassis with LED light strips in the front and on the top panels of which lighting modes are also in sync with the 2 pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas LED fans.  Later on in the review you’ll see how this all looks in the end.  I found the look very unique because of the LED light strips around front and top panels of the case.

Cooling wise, the Enermax Ostrog ADV has no troubles with air restriction, unlike the Raidmax Alpha RGB case I recently reviewed that had a very restrictive front grille as it chose substance over function.  The Enermax Ostrog ADV has an open mesh front and top grille that has none of those issues. Air flows mostly freely inside the chassis at these entry points with only a slim foam filter behind the grille.

The Ostrog ADV comes in three attractive color combinations (blue, green, red).  All are uniquely two-tone paint options.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV doesn’t have a fancy RGB lighting system, but that’s okay because not everyone is into the RGB scene.  The Ostrog ADV as previously stated has what Enermax calls MaxBrite LED strips that form along the outline of the front and top panels along with two (2) pre-installed front ENERMAX Enerflo Vegas LED fans that contain 6 LED modes that create a unique light show.  Another single non-LED Enerflo 120mm fan comes pre-installed in the rear as an exhaust fan.  All of this means that the Enermax Ostrog ADV is very adequate in the cooling department to be used for a gaming PC.  

Measurement wise the Enermax Ostrog ADV sizes in at 493 x 215 x 516mm (19.4”x8.5”x20.3”) making it on the larger side for a mid-tower PC case and because the size, on the scales Ostrog ADV weighs almost 16 LBS without a power supply making it no featherweight.

Ostrog ADV

Let’s go over the main features of the Enermax Ostrog ADV.  There are two quick-release metal mesh panels with foam filters that can be easily removed for system maintenance at the front and top portions of the case, a large easily removable washable mesh filter on the bottom of the case covering a honeycomb pattern grille so fresh air travels up and through the power supply.

The front of the case houses two pre-installed 120mm case fans, while the rear houses a single 120mm case fan.  The bottom of the case can house a single 120 mm for more system cooling.  In terms of liquid cooling support the Ostrog ADV supports 280 & 240 mm sized radiators with 60 mm height clearance, while the rear houses up to 120 mm radiator.

Owners with multiple SSD and HDD will appreciate the ability to house (6) six drives in their own semi tool-less cages, while optical drive owners will appreciate ability to house (3) three drives for Blu-Ray, DVD, and other accessories. The only issue is if you have a fancy looking SSD or HDD, its tucked away in a cage.  Removing the 5.25” front drive panels is as simple as pinching removing.  You’ll notice that it has foam dust filters.

Owners of multiple GPU and add-on cards will appreciate (7) seven expansion slots making room for dual or triple GPU setups with a clear side window to appreciate the beauty of these new GPUs.  Ostrog ADV supports graphics cards with a maximum length of 414 mm (16.3”). 

Fans of air coolers will be able to house CPU coolers with a maximum height of 174mm (6.9").

Rounding out the Ostrog ADV is a convenient top panel I/O interface that includes a very generous 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, HD headphone jack, MIC jack, MaxBrite LED strip on/cycling/off button, reset button, power button, power and HDD indicator lights, and a multiple case fan (low/medium/high) speed controller.  The Ostrog ADV contains a lot of great features for the money.

Enermax Ostrog ADV comes with a clear side panel typical of the ones already on the market.  This one is not tinted smoky black color such as the one on the recently reviewed Raidmax Alpha RGB, which depending on your preference, subdues and blocks out most of the LED lighting from shining through and makes it harder to see your system components in clear view.

MaxBrite LED and VEGAS LED Fan Light Show Demo


Visual Overview (Interior) & System Build Thoughts

The two-tone paint scheme offered on the Ostrog ADV is something out of the ordinary and transforms it into something great.  In this review we have the red version and I think it looks fantastic.  You can choose between blue, green, and red paint schemes.  The exterior stays black, but the interior motherboard tray, expansion bay covers, and LED light strips in the front and top panels are the colors that you choose.

The MaxBrite LED lighting strip system that encompasses the outer frame of the front fascia and top panel portion is something to talk about because it’s so unique to the whole look of the case.  The LED light strips in the front and on the top panel have a switch on top of the case that turns off, on, and cycles through the lighting mode effects that work in conjunction with the (2) two pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas 120mm LED fans.  The whole lighting system is beautiful in my opinion.  You’re able to cycle through (6) six states that include all-on, dimmed, flash, sparkle, Vegas, and off. 

I really have to point out how great these MaxBrite LED light strips look and commend Enermax for installing extremely bright LEDs in the Ostrog ADV.  They could have easily skimped out and went cheap in the LED department, but they haven’t.  These are extremely bright and light up the areas around easily.  The next thing to point out is how greatly uniform the LED light strips are across the frame, there are no dead spots where LED brightness is dimmer than other areas, the whole thing is super smooth throughout.

Ostrog ADV

In terms of paint quality, let me start off with the good, and there is lots of it.  The interior of the Ostrog ADV I found nothing wrong with.  The powder coating of the whole interior is top-notch with good thickness ensuring it’ll last a long time.  It is on the exterior that I found two small defective spots.  The first problem was a speck of what looks to be paint overspray or some piece of metal that wasn’t sanded off properly during the paint preparation process.  The second defect I found was on the front metal grille having a chip.  The defect on the side panel is more noticeable than the one found on the metal grille.

The metal side panels have good weight to them and aren’t flimsy.  I love that Enermax added these plastic handles at the ends of the side panels so they can be removed easily, that is a nice touch. 

Inspecting the interior layout of the Enermax Ostrog ADV, it looks spacious and logically sectioned off for system components. The HDD cages can be removed if you like for better airflow, if you aren’t using all of the HDD cages.  Unfortunately with those who have fancy SSDs, the way these fit in the HDD cages, they aren’t show off by looking through the side panel, they are hidden basically.   

There’s a nice large CPU heatsink motherboard cutout so you can make CPU cooler changes down the road without having to remove the whole motherboard from the case.  

In terms of system cooling, the fans when connected to the included fan speed controller can be run at either 1500 / 1200 / 900 RPM's.

Because the Ostrog ADV provides a lot of features in the top panel I/O interface, the inside has a lot of cabling that flows from the top of the case downward.  Admittedly the cabling ends up looking like a spaghetti mess of wires and it would have been great if Enermax had a better solution to fixing up this mess, maybe they could have looped everything in some sort of mesh system so it can look better.  Unfortunately there’s not much space to re-route these cables aside from hiding everything in the back panel of the case, but they also travel right in front of the HDD cage area looking a bit messy.

The motherboard tray has three main holes covered by rubber grommets that one can use to route cables out of the way promoting cleaner cable management and cleaner system presentation. 

To the bottom of the motherboard tray we find the open concept power supply compartment which is typical of normal PC cases.  This one isn’t special having any sort of metal power supply shrouds that covers the power supply unit making it look nicer.  Enermax keeps this aspect traditional.  And in front of the power supply area you can place a single 120mm case fan to blow cool air up to where the GPU would be located.  I like that such an option exist, because more GPU cooling is always better.  This is something not offered in other PC cases so good job Enermax.  I’ve no complaints with the cooling aspect of the Ostrog ADV, it’s excellent.

Building inside the Enermax Ostrog ADV is mostly pleasant.  It’s not completely tool-less for installing SSDs in what is a HDD cage, as you still need to screws and a screwdriver, but for the most part, building in the Ostrog ADV is a generally positive experience.  There’s plenty of room for building a great machine.  There’s only a few small nitpicks overall.

Where Can I Buy One?  And For How Much?

The Enermax Ostrog ADV in all of its colors can be found on Amazon.com.  I should really point out an insane deal they have at this time for the blue version of the Ostrog ADV. It comes bundled with an Enermax Revolution DUO 700W 80 PLUS GOLD power supply for only $119.99.  The power supply alone is worth $100 so you’re essentially getting the power supply almost free!

Here are the prices of all versions of the Enermax Ostrog ADV on Amazon USA below…most of it is sold and shipped directly from Amazon.

Why do I like Amazon?  They are fast, honest, reliable, and their return policy is great.  I actually got money refunded back to my account, a few times already, after Amazon initially overcharged me on duty costs. Talk about being an honest company.  Most others would keep the money and not say anything!

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The Enermax Ostrog ADV is a great PC chassis to build in, has plenty of cooling, has quite a bit of features from a fan speed controller, to USB 3.0 ports, to MaxBrite LED light strips, VEGAS LED fans that work in tandem with the LED light strips, to a two-tone color scheme, the Ostrog ADV has quite a bit to offer than other competing PC cases on the market. 

If you’re able to take advantage of the deal on Amazon to get the Ostrog ADV Blue bundled with the Enermax Revolution DUO 700W 80 PLUS GOLD power supply for only $119.99, then you should jump in for that deal because that is superb value.  Recommended