A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply Review


High-performance is what every overclocker and computer enthusiast wants. The power names in power supplies such as from Enermax, Antec and Thermaltake are a popular choice but tend to be pricey. We had taken a drive with the A+GPB 450W model a while back and were very impressed. In fact, we still are. Can the bigger brother that sports 500W fair any better?

The A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply comes packaged in a box similar to the 450W model. It has images and information regarding the power supply. As you can see the 500W model also has a 3-year warranty on tap.

I quickly opened the box and what was inside is the following:

  • 500W Dual Fan Power Supply
  • Manual
  • Screws
  • Power Cable
  • Zip Ties

The unit sports a silver aluminum construction that was strong and heavy. The power supply weighed similar to the 450W model. I think a bit heavier. And heavy is a good thing in theory. The finish of the aluminum had a textured feel and looks very good. While it wasn’t reflective, it had it’s own distinctiveness instead of having a plain steel cover.

Another thing that is unique about the A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply is that it features a 24 pin-to-20 pin connector already installed because it is a server based power supply. With the adaptor you can use it on your desktop PC motherboard. The power supply is server made, Intel and AMD ready.

This power supply houses two ARX CeraDyna fans for optimal cooling. These are ceramic-based fans that have an RPM sensor to view the speed of the fans when used. They are sleeved based fans and are very quiet when on Auto mode.


  • Support Intel & AMD Dual CPU Server M/B (24pin connector for Intel Server M/B and additional adapter cable for AMD
    Server M/B
  • One 24pin - 20pin adapter cable for regular ATX M/B
  • Fan Control Switch - for fan speed adjustment
  • One more power outlet for Monitor, etc
  • Two 12 VDE ball-bearing fan
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Approved by UL, TUV, CB & CE
  • 100% burn-in under high ambient temperature
  • MTBF: 100K hours
  • 100% Hi-pot tested

The A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply has 1 AUX connector, 1 P4 connector, 10 MOLEX connectors, 1 ATX connector, 2 FDD connectors and 1, 8-pin connector for server use. The connectors and fan grills continue the gold colour trend as well.  What caught my attention are the 10 MOLEX connectors. Wow. That is more than enough connectors at least for desktop use. As this power supply is for both desktop and server use you will be re-assured that it will work on both platforms.  The wires on this power supply are very long, especially the ATX connector because of the added adaptor. The ATX connector is also sleeved to keep everything clean.

The rear of the unit features the fan speed switch. You can either set it to Auto, Low, or Medium speed. When on Auto, the fans are quiet. Switching them to Low or Medium makes them louder.

The power supply has that neat extra A/C outlet for your other products to plug into if your outlets are already full.

I decided to open up the A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply to show you what it looks like inside. The inside is comprised of two big blocks of aluminum to dissipate heat, some capacitors, and coils. Here present you see are some of the CapXon capacitors present.

Here are the voltage rails of the A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply

  • +3.3V and +5V max Output 235W, Peak Surge Max Output 570W

As you can see the power supplies max output is 570W and more than the advertised power rating.


This will consist of running the system setup and monitoring the voltage rails from idle and load (UT 2003 for 1-hour) from the Soltek Hardware Monitor V2.04.


Idle (30 mins)
Load (Toast 5 mins)
+12V = 11.999
+12V = 11.855
+5V = 5.026
+5V = 4.999
-12V = -12.37
-12V = -12.45
-5V = -5.04
-5V = -4.979

As you can see the voltage rails are solid and a step up from the 450W model. There were little fluctuations present on both the 5V and 12V rails. There were no stability issues or problems during testing.


The A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply is a great power supply with great power. It's too much for my needs but will be great for overclockers with high-end hardware and/or on a water cooling system. The unit was relatively quiet when on Auto, but was louder on Low and Medium speeds. I like that the ATX connector has been sleeved and the wires are long to reach around tall cases. The construction was also top-notch. Lastly, this thing is a steal. I know I said that about the 450W watt model but I say it again. You can pick this up at NewEgg for only $73U.S.

I rate the A+GPB 500W Dual Fan Power Supply a…


Pros and Cons

+ Monster Power!
+ Construction
+ Plenty of connectors
+ 3 year warranty
- Fan is loud on Low and Medium

I would like to thank A+GPB Inc. for making this review possible. Visit A+GPB Inc. for more information on products.



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