Thermaltake Xaser Mouse Pad Review


With the celebration of the Thermaltake brand first with a new slogan and the introduction of their TR2 brand, Thermaltake is feeling high. Thermaltake continues the celebration in uncharted areas before by Thermaltake. Today we look at their mouse pad. The Thermaltake Xaser Mouse Pad.

The mouse pad came in a plastic and shipped in the traditional Thermaltake sample box

The pad

The mouse pad measures approximately 8.5" x 7" and has the Xaser logo in the middle with images of products and the Thermaltake brands. You also have the Thermaltake slogan.

The Thermaltake Xaser Mouse pad is a regular rubberized pad with a hard plastic surface on the top. It doesn’t look any different from traditional pads you get from companies. Here is it compared to a mouse pad picked up long ago for 25 cents, not to be mean...


Flipping the Thermaltake Xaser Mouse pad over gives you the rubber that holds it down to the table. I noticed that the Thermaltake Xaser Mouse pad is floppy. It bends easily but don’t bend mouse pad fully, as you will get a fold mark.

The back



I will be using this mouse pad for about one week testing the Logitech MX700, Logitech Optical Wheel mouse and the Crystal Optical mouse.


Well after using the Thermaltake Xaser Mouse pad for about a week, it feels like any other mouse pad you can pick up at a computer store. It didn’t really work well with the Logitech MX700 mouse as it was skipping and stopping. The other two mice were fine and exhibited good tracking but sometimes stopped and then worked again. I also noticed the fact the pad kept on moving sometimes on my table and the rubber wasn’t gripping good against the table.

The MX700 has some problems on this pad and it's as big as the pad!

Here is a picture of the performance of the Logitech Optical Wheel mouse


The Thermaltake Xaser Mouse pad works just like any other regular mouse pad you can pick up for a few bucks but isn’t really of an improvement or better than the mouse pads we have taken a look at.

I rate the Thermaltake Xaser Mouse pad a…


Pros and Cons

+ Does what it’s supposed too
+ Looks okay
- Problems with mouse skipping
- Not really that good
- Not an improvement over standard mouse pad

I would like to thank Thermaltake for making this review possible. 


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