Elitecool.com 80mm Panaflo Fan Review


As summer is already here, we are always trying to find ways of cooling down our system. One of those ways is by adding case fans or better case fans. Well adding case fans makes everything noisy. Well that is true but what if you could have a fan that pushes good amount of air and is relatively quiet? Today we take a look at a fan from our buddies at Elitecool.com. The 80mm Panaflo fan!

The Panaflo arrived to us in perfect condition via USPS. The small-corrugated box contained good amounts of pink bubble wrapping protecting the fan. I’m a big fan of bubble wrapping myself and find it very fun to pop.

What you get in this package is the Panaflo fan from Elitecool.com. Unfortunately there are no screws included.

The model we look at today is model number: FBA08A12H. The fan is rated at close to 40CFM @ a noise level of 32 dBA That is a pretty good spec if you ask me. I just bought a clear case fan that was 32CFM @ 30dbA. Nice comparison right?

The rear of the fan is like any other fan. I would like to mention that the fan is connected via 3-pin connector.  Unfortunately it doesn't monitor RPM's.  It does run at 2950RPM though according to the PDF here. Third one down the list.


  • Dimensions: 80x80x25mm
  • Air Flow: 39.6 CFM
  • Noise: 32 dB
  • Fan Speed: ?
  • Current: .25 Amps
  • Input Power: 3 Watts
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Bearing: Hydro wave bearing
  • Connector: 3 pin


The way I will test this fan is by placing it as the intake fan on the Chenming ATX-301KE case we reviewed a while back. Since then I have made a system out of it for family member. It’s an AMD by the way. I will be providing a table that includes the before CPU and Case temperatures compared with when I added the fan in. Results were read from the Bios.


CPU: 44c
Case: 37c
CPU: 42c
Case: 33c

The results speak for itself. I gained a healthier, cooler case by adding the Panaflo inside. It was relatively quiet and cooled very well. I can feel it pushing close to 40CFM; it was a strong current rotating. The fan sounded relatively quiet with just a small increase of noise in the case.


The Panaflo FBA08A12H offered from Elitecool.com is without a doubt, a free flowing fan that is relatively quiet. If you are looking to cool down your computer this summer, I suggest you pick up a bunch of Panaflo's from Elitecool.com.

I rate the Panaflo FBA08A12H from Elitecool.com a…


Pros and Cons

+ Packaging
+ Not very loud
+ Cools great
- No screws included and no RPM monitoring
- Not those fancy swanky LED fans

I would like to thank Elitecool.com for making this review possible. This fan goes for only $9.50 U.S. Check out the site for more great products at great deals. Tell them Modsynergy.com sent ye if you decide to buy!  Well the fans are so good you just have to buy them!

Latest 2004 update: Elitecool is no longer.  They seem to have gone out of the business.



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